Every beer tells a story. As residence of Ashburn it became clear to us that our growing community did not know much about the Hamlet of Ashburn. It was our opportunity to share stories through our products of Ashburn’s history whilst we continue to make memories and tell more stories that we can share for many years to come.


5% alc. / vol 437ml

In the early 1800’s land was cleared in Whitby to establish farmland. The trees from the forest were burnt to ashes and asheries were built for the production of potash to make soap and candles giving the community of Ashburn its name.


4% alc. / vol 437ml

The community of Ashburn was founded in 1832 at the corner of Myrtle Rd. and Ashburn Rd. when the first family home, a log house, was built by settler Richard Butler.  Around 1850 this intersection became known to us as “Butlers Corners.”