The Ashburn Brewery was Founded in 2021 by the Paterson twins.   Ashburn is a remarkable community with a rich history dating back to the early 1800s when it was first settled by Richard Butler. The Ashburn Brewery sets out to develop not only great tasting beers, but to share the stories and history of our community.  Future development of the brewery includes The “Ashburn Brew Pub” which will open Spring of 2023 located at The Royal Ashburn Golf Club, providing a perfect spot for celebrations with a beautiful view of the golf course open to the public. 


This is no ordinary brewery. These are not your typical brews. They have been developed on the foundation of the people of this community. The Ashburn Brewery has been created as an extension of our brand here at Royal Ashburn. An opportunity for us to share experiences and stories with the people of our community and beyond. Each beer tells a story of Ashburn’s beginnings. It is why we are all here today. So we may one day help create the stories of tomorrow.

Ashburn Brewery


Shoutout to Jeff Talmey Co-Founder and GM @townbrewery, for helping us in our journey to create these amazing beers for the Ashburn Brewery. Our beers are all about community and this example of collaboration speaks to the true meaning of community.